A Home for Us

My last post (Testing...Testing) stimulated another bout of house fever. It arrives a few times each year: An acute desire for a little home on a nice piece of land for me and Jonathan.

Over the past few years, a number of cute homes have come on the market. Never when I had either job or enough money to afford to really make an offer. I'd have my realtor Pat, who I've been working with for 10 years, look up properties I've seen with a for sale sign. If a good price, I tend to want to view it in person. It's a fruitless hunt. I never make an offer. I never get the house. And then have to watch someone else buy the home and not treat it with the kindness I know I would have. There's one exception. A cute home in this quaint section of Somerset, NJ - my hometown - had an old center hall colonial on sale a few years ago. The eventual buyers take lovely care of it and have improved it quite a bit.

There was a downstairs bedroom in that house, which I thought would be perfect for my mother. They wanted less than $300000, I believe. However, it was available at the tail end of my contract job at Intuit and there was no new job on the horizon. So, I didn't move forward. Good thing I didn't. I went through another almost 2 years of financial struggle, so likely would have lost the home, save a Holy reprieve from God Almighty.

Which is what I really need right now. A miracle of some sort...supernatural financial increase, or at least supernatural favor that allows me to purchase a home I've fallen in love with, on a pretty piece of land in Skillman, NJ - my new hometown.

It's down the street from one of Jonathan's classmates. First noticed it driving Jonathan to a playdate at Tom's. Finally got the nerve to drive into the driveway and get out and walk around. It's a hot mess inside - no sheetrock - looks like there might have been a fire. However, the outside is so cute. The surrounding property: enchanting. I posted the pic above because it reminds me a lot of this house. Trees abound and yet it gets awesome light. Neighbors nearby but not too close.

I had Pat inquire. Owners want their price which is 299000. Way above what I can managed with the debts I'm still dealing with and Jonathan's schooling. It would need a good 100-150K to get it into shape. I'd have to maintain the large grounds. Sigh. It's so sad for me. This is my dream, forever home.

The selling agent claims it's a teardown. I say it's a solid structure, along with the adjacent garage. I feel they want someone (or the neighbors do) to buy the property and put a mcMansion on it to help raise property values on the street. Keeping it a quaint cottage isn't so appealing - except to me.

Father, I'm once again in begging mode. I know thy will must be done - but I'm asking anyway for an open door. I'm asking for abundant, supernatural favor with the sellers and with You. Whatever funds I need, make them available. Whatever is required, make it happen. This is a home where Jonathan can run free in the yard by himself and with buddies on adventures. We can have family bbq's and family dinners. I can entertain friends - even have bible studies. Yeah, I can do some of that in the apartment - but - I don't know. I feel that a detached home would open more for us and more of us to others.

Father, look fondly on your daughter today. Make a way out of no way.

In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN

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