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Can he just not be so loud?!

Updated: Jun 13

My son is loud. I mean, the volume, tone, whatever you want to call it, is incredibly loud and in many ways annoying. I love him to death - but my gosh, I wish he would talk softer, lower, and maybe with a bit more bass in his voice.

The bass will come with time and maturity and of course I'll then miss the current sound of his words, his laughs and his outbursts of excitement. Oh gosh - those outbursts! I'm doing a lot more writing now, which for me requires silence. However, when I'm focused on a post, I think it makes Jonathan that much more anxious, so he will suddenly scream, yelp, talk jibber jabber, just be - well, loud! Worst, he'll grab his favorite stuffed animal - uggie dog - and do the irritating, loud, uggie dog voice.

Uggie Dog.

I love and hate that stuffed animal. He's like an artificial little brother who encourages all sorts of bad behavior on Jonathan's part. He was a 1st Christmas present from our dear friends Yoan and Jen in AZ. Jonathan has slept with Uggie Dog every night since that Christmas in 2011. We've lost him a couple of times and both of us have panicked. I was so upset the first time, I thought I would never get over it - and then he was found, and I practically cried tears of joy. Last year, we lost him again in the apartment, and when he was located, Jonathan did cry tears of joy.

I know uggie dog is a great stress reliever for Jonathan, so I give him as much room as possible when he plays with him - and the other stuffed animals. As a little boy, he woke up talking to uggie dog and went to sleep talking to him. His tiny voice on the monitor would be my alarm clock every morning. Now that he's older, Uggie is sort of the bully in the crowd of stuffies. He yells,he yelps, he grunts, he hollars - he drives me crazy! Most days I want to throw him in the trash - but I know both Jonathan and I would be bereft without him in our home. BUT HE IS SO LOUD!

Okay - Jonathan is so loud with him - and back to my original point, just loud period.

Add he whines in that loud voice.

He laughs in that loud voice.

He verbally disobeys me in that loud voice.

He asks questions in that loud voice.

He still wakes up and goes to sleep with that loud voice.

It booms, it shakes, it quakes our environment. And every "Lower your voice" to "Please be quiet" to "Jonathan, shut up - please!" only has a momentary impact. The loudness always returns.

I do plan to get his ears checked to see if that could be the cause. However, I believe it is his natural disposition. The Lord gave him this voice and I have to believe that ultimately there is a purpose for it beyond getting on my nerves!

I also don't want to suppress his natural exuberance. He's a sanguine, happy child. He has his moments of upset and aggravation, but he can pick up Uggie Dog and be fine in just seconds after tears and sadness. For him, his loudness is a soother. It makes everything right in his world.

It's just my world that keeps suffering.

So Father - there's really not much I can do here. Jonathan is Your creation and I need You to help me support him in all that he is even when it aggravates the hell out of me. Teach me, help me to not make him feel bad about something he really can't help - the tone and volume of his voice. Please USE IT for Your glory and help him modulate it when in company, particularly in social environments and in the public - especially with his peers, who don't love him like I do and can be harsh when bothered by his behavior. Help him, Lord.

And please, HELP ME!

In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN

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