JIO & KQI's May 2021-May 2022 Expectations

I thought it might be a great idea for Jonathan and I to document our expectations for 2021. It's a bit late, considering it's almost the halfway point in the year, this being Saturday, May 29, 2021, but better late than never. On May 10, I embarked on a year of wellness, which I pray is a start of a lifetime of wellness. I've laid down alcohol in the home and have re-embraced walking and living a healthier life. I want to be here for Jonathan, with energy, vibrancy and a renewed outlook and renewal of my youth, by God's grace and mercy. I believe He is working a miracle of transformation - bit by bit - so that I represent to myself, to Him, to the world, a more whole, peace-filled, and contented person. My Dad's passing makes this so important now - and also seeing my mother not her whole self, dementia wrecking her mind, confined to a nursing home room after living such a hard, and really, not very happy life. I'm asking our Father for more - for different...for me and for Jonathan. Not that we deserve it - but I'm asking, by Christ, for such a tremendous blessing. I believe He will do it. --> UPDATE: My time of not drinking at home and walking regularly ended in August. I'm endeavoring to get back on track with the start of the New Year, 2022. Asking the Lord to remove wine from the house and I will be reading three books: The Easy Way to Control Alcohol, Never Binge Again and the main one: The HOLY BIBLE. I also intend to finally complete my "Worthy of the Wait" program.

Well, with that said, here are our expectations - here's what we are believing our mighty God will do for us between now and when I turn the big 55 next year:

  1. A new home in Montgomery Township that is on a large lot, but where there are neighbor children for Jonathan to get to know and play with, and who will be true friends - a place that is renovated, clean, and affordable for us - a place close to PASH and nearby groceries as well as good places to walk and run.

  2. That I would attain a weight of 155 and maintain it - continue working out regularly, to include walking and running again - and to learn how to mindfully eat - only when hungry and until full - and to do this for the remainder of my days -- and to no longer revert to self-medicating through alcohol, tv or overeating.

  3. To be blessed with a partner in life, to whom I can be one who brings him peace and who will love me with understanding and as Christ loves the Church -- a man who will love and cherish Jonathan as his own and set an example of Godly manhood - a man who is accountable to other spirit-filled men - who is generous, kind, hardworking -- a man who represents to me all of the wonderful attributes of my own father, Robert Ivey, but who I will beseech the Father to enable me to love and respect in a way my mother was not able to do with my dad. Make this a man who is celibate, from a good, non-intrusive family, who enjoys the simple things in life, but likes to laugh, eat out, travel and enjoys watching and attending sporting events - and who wears glasses :-). Overall, Father, bring into our lives a man you deem best for Jonathan and I and Jonathan and I for him.

  4. That Jonathan's entry into middle school goes seamlessly, without anxiety, stress or strain (DONE). May our Father, through Jonathan's school work and activities, continue to help him better manage himself in school, with teachers and with his classmates. May your favor rest upon him so that he has great favor with you and with his teachers and classmates. Enable him to make sound, lasting friendships with boys who respect him and who he respects. Continue to develop all of his gifts in this 5th grade year and beyond and enable him to have great success both interpersonally and academically.

  5. For Nana's body to regain strength and that her neck be strong for her head to be straight - that she be blessed with renewal of neurons and synapses that allow her memory to be restored - that she return to much of herself, by your power and might, and the stripes of Jesus, by which she is healed! We thank you in advance for keeping her safe and protected at Regency and especially well cared for.

  6. That Jonathan's relationship with his father be deepened and that Kay take initiative to reach out to spend time with Jonathan - 1on1 time - not just for Jonathan to visit when he requests to do so, only for him to spend all of his time with Carina and Isabella.

  7. That you eliminate all financial debt - my personal loan and car loan - and prosper me in the 2nd half of the year with favor at work and wisdom and ability to complete all of my assignments and responsibilities, without groaning or complaint, with excellence and diligence, and to be blessed with a promotion and at least a $10,000+ raise.

  8. That Anthony, Alex, Anthony Chiles, Yoan, Jen, Sophie receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that anyone at my job who has not, be drawn to receive Christ through any means you allow through me - if needed. Embolden both Jonathan and I to be witnesses unto you to draw souls into the kingdom.

  9. That the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your your sight, oh God, my rock and my redeemer!

  10. That Jonathan and I be protected from calamity and injury wherever we might travel through this year - that we be kept safe from harm and illness - and that any journey via air, train, car or even walking/running/playing - be safe, seamless, and smooth and that Jonathan's overnight camp stay be fully protected again - that your Angels are set charge over him and that they be encamped about him and Tom the whole time - that it be this way for us and all who we love and care for throughout this year.

  11. BONUS: Here's my crazy request that if this happens - well, I would be utterly SHOCKED - but I'm gonna ask anyway: The request for a promotion and raise is based on a belief that I would still be single and need to work to care for Jonathan and I. However, I return to my deepest desire which is attached to #3: No longer working outside the home for a company, but devoting myself full-time to writing and editing, caring for my husband, Jonathan and mom, and our home. I would take this any day over a raise and promotion. Father God, if you deem your daughter worthy of this request, I ask you, BEG YOU and beseech You, to bring it to past in these next 12 months. Thank you :-).

We give you praise Father that you have seen these words and You have already commissioned your Angels to do the work of bringing all of this to past. May You use this to increase Jonathan's young faith in You - to show him that You ARE a God who hears His children and longs to do great things for them in answer to prayers of Faith. We believe You are a miracle working God and that NOTHING is impossible for You. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, we Pray, AMEN!

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