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Mind your own business, Kim

So, I have these neighbors that live on the right side of me. The husband had/has a drinking problem and last year, threw a number of fits that caused the cops to stop by the house a few times. I think he eventually went to rehab and now appears to be on the wagon. The rows he would throw were incredible. Just yelling, screaming, throwing things. I called the cops myself one time, he scared me so bad. They have two cute little boys over there and I wanted to make sure all was okay with them. The wife is a nice woman, a bit rough around the edges -- she smokes these cigar like cigarettes - but friendly to me and Jonathan.

Recently, I noticed that it had gotten real quiet next door. Though the car was parked in its usual spot, I hadn't seen the parents or the two boys in weeks. However, the oldest son, I would see on occasion walking to and from his job. The school would drop off supplies for the two little boys who were doing remote school. Family members would stop by now and then.

The last time I saw the family members visit, I actually thought it might be some sort of intervention...that maybe they were holled up in the house doing drugs. I'd noticed the mom getting a bit thinner in the months up to their absence. I was growing concerned.

I wish I had just ignored it and minded my own business.

But, no, I didn't. I sent an email to the lovely lease agent, Diana, inquiring if maybe they should check to see that all was okay next door, as I hadn't seen or heard the family in awhile. She said she sent them an email.

Well, the very next day, the wife, hubby and two little boys show back up at the apartment. They bring with them loads of groceries and loads of N-O-I-S-E! It seems to a greater degree than before they left. Boys running back and forth, Stomping feet. They've been coming in and out of the house. It's been a real nuisance. I'm wishing they would go back to where they were all these weeks.

And that where was Miami. They had traveled there during their son's spring break only to get stuck there when the husband's dad suddenly passed away - in April, just like my father.

They returned with the wife even thinner than the last time I saw her. She was actually a bit overweight - bigger than my fat, overweight self. Now she is svelte and looks incredible. She said it was the grief. Her Father-in Law was to her just like a real dad, as she did not know her dad growing up. It was a very hard loss for the whole family.

Of course, my heart goes out to them. But you know self-focused me. I HATE THE NOISE! I didn't realize just how wonderful it had been with them away. It was gloriously peaceful

However, today, the nuisance factor went up about 10 levels: They installed a HUGE, wide screen tv.

I saw the dad pulling the big box out of the apt to walk it to the dumpsters. UGH!! And now I hear it clearly as they decided to put it on the same wall that I have our entertainment center - which I really don't use anymore since my nights of wine therapy and streaming tv are pretty much over.

As I'm virtually broke and don't know when I could ever see myself buying a house at this point (let's forget about my dream place spoken about in A Home for Us), we are stuck with this intrusion on our/my peace. Yes, I repeat: I'm virtually broke. Somehow I pretty much cleared out $10000 in a month. Now a good part of that went to Jonathan's Camp and another large part to two month's of tuition payments, but that still leaves about $4000 that just disappeared. Likely on my birthday weekend and other nights out having dinner w/friends or Jonathan - the few times that we are able to do so. The few times I've had any element of fun over the past month, when there are so few opportunities for me to do so.......

My prayer, Lord, is that you can at least keep the noise from being heard or felt in our bedrooms upstairs. Please do not let it disturb out sleep. Please, Lord - PLEASE!

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