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Yesterday, I received an ominous call from the leasing office. Diana, the leasing agent (a lovely woman), speaking in hushed tones said that my application had been audited. The NJ State Dept of Housing (I'm in a moderate income apartment in a fully subsidized apartment complex) was questioning my 2nd lease after I was blessed with my job at Walmart, a higher salary, and the perks of incentive pay (bonus) and stock options. They were also wondering about all the 401K and IRA money I went through, particularly in 2019, whilst unemployed.

In years past, such a phone call would have freaked me out. I would have gone into panic mode...instantly wondering why God hates me...why does this always happen to me??? Whenever I try to make a positive change in my life (such as not drinking all night and gorging myself on fatty foods), the enemy does his best to trip me up. I'd be agitated, mad and driven to my typical 2 or 3 glasses of wine to calm myself deal.

This time, I understood the enemy's stupid trick and I was calm. I took it in stride. I asked for prayer from my sister prayer warriors and stood on the promise that He WILL REBUKE THE DEVOURER for my sake. Why? I have been a regular tither and offering giver for over 20 years, that's why, and His word promises not only this protection but that a flood gate of blessings are due me because of my obedience in the tithe. In a nutshell, the devil can kick rocks. I know that I'm not moving till the Lord says I need to move - till He opens a door for me and Jonathan that no man can shut in the way of a suitable home on a nice piece of land, in a nice neighborhood, in Montgomery Township, near PASH, near shopping, near nice walks and runs, and with nice, friendly, but unobtrusive neighbors.

We're good. God's got us.

And so it was. I went to the office today and Diana and I had a nice conversation about life, siblings, parents, children and she proceeded to have me sign a few papers, we called to get info on Walmart Payroll, and she said she'd handle all the rest. I left knowing that my Father is in charge. He indeed has us.

Praise You God for You ARE and WILL ALWAYS BE a GOOD, GOOD, Father!

All Praises to the King!

P.S. No liquor run required.

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