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Romans 11:5 ESV

"So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace."

This is not my first blog. I have three others that I've kept hidden. Places where I could spill my guts, vent, be utterly and completely mean, conceited, graphic, raw and every thing that would make me gasp in public if I knew someone else was saying or thinking the same things. Today starts a new chapter. Today I step into the light.

I've recently discovered the teachings of evangelist Andrew Wommack. The Lord is using this man of God to completely flip the script on all I have known or have come to know about my Father, My Savior Jesus, the Holy Spirit who dwells within me. I cannot go back to the shrinking, complaining, moaning, groaning, griping, anxious, angry, resentful, disappointed and continuously despondent woman that I've been most of my adult life - but especially during these past few years, starting in 2013. I've allowed the circumstances of this side of life to block who I am in the one who has saved me, who has declared that I am His for all eternity, who loves me. I have shrunk back because of my own sin and unfulfilled expectations. I've felt unqualified, inadequate, incapable of a multitude of things, but most of all, simply being me - one who is His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that I should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).

In his teaching, "You Already Got it", Andrew talks about asking the Father to show you what you already have that can be used to bless the kingdom - to bless you and your family - to bless the world. Once our Father reveals it, put that gift to work. Much of what Andrew teaches and has impacted me so richly is related to exercising what we already have through Jesus Christ, and ENFORCING those things in our life. This blesses us, blesses the kingdom, and glorifies our Father - and draws souls to Him.

So, with this understanding, I've decided to boldly walk in these good works, as part of the remnant chosen by him, by grace, for this present time. I have been gifted as a writer, and He has desired me to use it to His glory and praise, but I've been reluctant to do so. I've been afraid that I have nothing to say - and by no means could I ever make a living off it! Remember, Father, I'm the woman who has applied to multiple writing programs, MFA and PhD programs in writing, to be rejected time and time again. Yes, you've used me to edit and proofread the writing of others. Yes, you blessed me in a writing gig in the info technology space for almost 20 years (though you know I deplored that kind of writing). But me being simply me and writing about being simply me and my growing understanding of who I am in You - do you consider that a worthwhile pursuit? I can concentrate on writing about these things, and through the transparency and authenticity of these musings, support myself, a young son, and bless your Kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven? Really??

"Yes, Kim. Yes you can. In the using, there is a reward. Bury your talent no more."

And there it is. God has spoken and I am responding. I am stepping into the Jordan (Joshua 3: 9-13). I will walk through to secure what He has already laid up for me, by Christ. Join me!

It promises to be an awesome journey in Him.

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